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Jen began embroidering as a creative and meditative practice when her three children entered full time school, and she found herself alone at home with visions of enchanted forests, mountain expeditions, magical creatures, cosmological symbols, and timeless myths.

Her love for her family and the earth are at the heart of her mission: to create meaningful material objects that become heirlooms that tell a beautiful story for each new generation. Jen’s creations are a collaboration between her clients and her imagination, and bring life to family traditions and histories.

The threads that run through every creation are tied together throughout the world as each doll, book cover, birth plate, wedding seal, and book of poetry end up on someone’s doorstep.

She lives at the foot of the mountains in northern Utah with her three children, husband, two cats and one rabbit. She loves literature, knitting, running, baking and eating delicious cakes for family birthday parties, and a good jazz album. Jen is also an accomplished pianist, gardener, and mountaineer.


To say Jen believes in sustaining and enriching the earth, rather than extracting from it, is an understatement. All of her fabrics are re-used clothing that have been donated by family and friends, and her threads are of the finest fibers.

She sources the wool stuffing for her dolls from Mountain Meadow Wool Mill in Wyoming. Learn more here