Storybook Embroidery

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Storybook Embroidery


Example coming soon!  These cloth storybooks are wonderful gifts for children, especially when newly born so that they can carry their fabric book with them their whole life.  A tactile memory that they will never loose.  However, anyone will enjoy these little gems at any time of their life.  You may suggest a fairy tale, fable, myth or folk tale that you would like to see in hand embroidered fabric.  The pricing will vary depending on how long or large the book will be.  I will usually simplify the story to make it more practical for hand embroidery.  I keep in close contact with the customer to make sure everything is pleasing.  The fabric will of the pages will be 100% linen, the embroidery floss will either be 100% cotton or 100% wool depending on the style.  

Custom work is not returnable or refundable.  Payment in full is necessary for me to begin work.  I suggest you insure your shipment.

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